Some Basic Procedures When Setting Up An Indoor Garden

HTG Supply in Cranberry Township PA is your Pittsburgh indoor gardening super store with every item you need to garden indoors in Cranberry, Pittsburgh or anywhere.  We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff that can help you with any of your indoor gardening questions.

Indoor GardenGardening Indoors:  How to get started

First you will want to find an area for your indoor garden that will have a relatively constant temperature year-round. Inconsistent temperatures will lead to fighting issues with plant sustainability. If you are considering an attic, garage or basement, a good investment would be a grow tent, that allows you to more carefully control temperature.  No matter which area you choose, make sure you are efficiently using the space while leaving adequate room for plants, lighting, and ventilation. Heat in the garden will rise so make sure you choose an accessible exhaust up high up in the room and an intake down low in the room. A circulation fan will help to provide air movement and increased structure strength to plants as moving the air around is like exercise for plants!  It will also be beneficial to have nearby access to water supply as it will only be more work to bring it to the site. If you are not growing in a hydroponic setup, it is very easy to set up a submersible pump and watering wand in a reservoir for easy feeding to potted soil plants.  Check overhead height and support for equipment to ensure all lighting and ventilation will hang properly. Finding a highly reflective material like mylar, black and white poly, diamond foil or IR block to cover the walls will also greatly help reduce the loss of light output in the garden. Spacing the plants properly will always increase light penetration and overall production. With varying sizes of plants, it is good to space at least a square foot per plant or more depending on the plants mature size as a rule of thumb. Your plants will always show you what they need, they will turn a certain color if there is a deficiency, or start to droop, etc, so do some research and get familiar with identifying common plant deficiencies as it is important to identify problems quickly.  There are steps you can take to help cancel out any problems that are happening in the garden. Most can be identified through a weekly check list.

Some important things to monitor for your indoor garden include:

  1. Humidity between 40 – 60 percent
  2. Temperature in range for plant type (not too hot, not too cold)
  3. Air circulation is active
  4. PH levels are in an acceptable range for soil or hydroponics
  5. Pest, disease, and Nutrient deficiencies inspection
  6. Lighting is at proper height, and there is enough lighting
  7. Cleanliness (no dead plant material or stagnant water)
  8. Check for mold in room
  9. Plants are watered and fed nutrients

Original Grow TentTaking the time to confirm your Air, Light, Nutrient, and Water levels are on PAR will ensure you have a productive garden and achieve a better green thumb.  This is just scratching the surface of what is needed for a successful indoor garden, please check back as we will be placing more detailed blog entries in the coming weeks.  Please do not be intimidated, gardening indoors can be easy and very rewarding,

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4 Types of Major Indoor Garden Pests

4 Types of major Pests and their effects to plants HTG Supply’s available products and predators:

Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Aphids, and Mealy Bugs

 Spider Mites 

Spider MitesSpider mites account for more plant loss than most other household garden pests.  An infestation can cause major injury in a very short time. So why is your garden taking so much damage from these tiny bugs with massive populations?  Spider mites feed by piercing the leaf surface and extracting leaf cells and fluid. During this feeding process, tiny holes are punched into the plants leaf surface. Leaves that have been attacked by spider mites are usually dry and brittle and the normal green color will become more pale.  Effected leaves quickly Continue reading

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Agromax 600 Watt MH Lamp

600 Watt Agromax Digipulse Lamp

Click to enlarge

AgroMax 600 Watt DigiPulse MH Lamp

In the picture above we have the 600 watt Agromax Digipulse MH lamp running in our 39×39 Agromax tent. This high output horticultural lamp was specifically designed and manufactured to operate with digital ballasts. Growing in our Big Boy 6 pot system are 6 Strawberry Coleus that have been under this light for 5 weeks.  The plants have done nothing but thrive under this crisp, clear spectrum the light provides. With a powerful 75,000 lumen and pulse start technology, it has be a sure fire everyday. Not to mention the tipless, rather than pinch seal arc tube which provides up to 25% more efficiency. Also saving me lumen depreciation.  Being as that it will fire consistently hot or cold, makes this lamp a trusty 600 MH that will be sure to please. We are excited to work more with this lamp on other variety’s and see what it can achieve.

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Germinating Seeds

There are a variety of methods one can utilize to germinate seeds.  Each has its pros and cons.  I will briefly summarize each method and include these pros and cons.

Paper Towel Method:  2 methods

Seeds Germinating on Paper TowelFirst method:

Take 4 paper towels divided into two folded upon each other.  Place one on a plate or in a Ziploc type plastic bag and moisten with clean water.  Spread your seeds out over this and cover with second folded paper towel.  Loosely cover with plastic wrap or zip up bag.

Check seeds everyday!  This is very important.  This allows Continue reading

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NEW Store Hours at HTGSupply Cranberry


Tell your friends, post it on the blogs, let it be known across the land that HTG Supply in Cranberry Township, PA (Pittsburgh), is now open on Mondays!

New operating hours:
Monday thru Friday 11am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Closed Sunday

The first 10 customers at the Cranberry Twp store this Monday, Dec 12th receive 10% off their entire purchase.

Come check out our huge selection and great prices. Visit for Directions.

Store Hours:
Monday thru Friday 11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Closed Sunday

High Tech Garden Supply
20232 Route 19
Unit 6
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

Phone: (724)473-1113

Our Pennsylvania store is conveniently located in Cranberry Township less than 1 mile from both Interstate 79 and the PA Turnpike (I-76). We have regular customers from Ohio, New York, West Virginia and Maryland who shop here because of our huge selection, great prices and excellent customer service.

Conveniently located in Cranberry Township, PA on Rt. 19. Across from Wal-Mart, beside Castrol Oil Change Center, in the rear of the building.

Thank you,
Store Manager
HTGSupply Cranberry Twp

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New HTGSupply Pennsylvania Blog

Welcome to the new blog for High Tech Garden Supply – Pennsylvania. Check back here to keep up to date with all the happenings at the store. From time to time we will announce events, special offers, new products, and information on various issues that are important to customers of this store.

If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment or email us at

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